Why Mentorship Matters with Lisa Utzschneider

Mentor-mentee relationships can be extremely beneficial. For a mentee, having someone more senior advocating on your behalf can accelerate your career forward. For a mentor, building a connection with someone junior can ensure your stamp on the company doesn’t retire when you do. While figuring out how to build this relationship can be tricky, Integral Ad Sciences CEO Lisa Utzschneider has become an expert in the craft.

Meet Lisa:

Lisa Utzschneider has held high leadership positions across the tech industry, such as Yahoo, Amazon and Microsoft. As an East Coaster at companies that were predominantly based in the West Coast, Lisa got used to not only being the only female voice, but also being the only person joining the meeting remotely. Through her experiences, she learned the importance of having someone with a seat at the table willing to advocate for you.

In this episode, host Gautam Mukunda speaks with Lisa about the value of mentor-mentee relationships, how to initiate building this bond and how to ensure everyone gets the most out of it. 

Time Stamps:

1:43 The mentor-mentee relationship

3:54 Being mindful of your team makeup

8:26 Check your ego at the door

12:22 Getting a the seat at the table

14:45 Lead with a recommendation or idea