Collaborative Intelligence: Leading in the Age of AI with Shawn Bice & Nick Beim

This week on World Reimagined, we discuss the future of AI and how leaders should be approaching and utilizing this revolutionary technology with two guests uniquely positioned to discuss this topic. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

While the benefits of AI are undeniable, it’s not yet clear exactly how it will define the role of tomorrow’s leaders. In this episode, Host Gautam Mukunda speaks with two industry leaders with unique vantage points on how AI is transforming the world around us and redefining the future of leadership.

Shawn Bice is the president of Products and Technology at Splunk, the world’s first Data-to-Everything platform designed to remove the barriers between data and action. And, Nick Beim, partner at Venrock, is one of the world’s leading investors in AI, software, and fintech and is also on the Board of the Council on Foreign Relations.

The AI revolution will force a philosophical reexamination of how we make our most important decisions in different spheres of society… It’s almost as if by encountering a new form of intelligence, we learn more about ourselves and become more conscious and deliberate about how we make decisions.

Nick Beim

I think leaders that have emotion where they understand mood, or relationships, and how they’re interacting with others is great. To me, a machine is going to have an incredible IQ, but I don’t know that it’s going to have EQ. That’s where I think that real limitation comes in.

Shawn Bice

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Guest information for Collaborative Intelligence:

Shawn Bice is President of Products & Technology, with overall responsibility for Product, Engineering, Design, Architecture, CTO, CIO and CISO functions. With previous leadership roles at Amazon Web Services and Microsoft, he brings nearly 25 years of expertise in managing massive data operations and native cloud services at scale. Shawn is driven by a passion for curiosity, learning and applying those qualities to create new value for customers. Shawn holds a B.S. from Eastern Michigan University. Married for nearly three decades, Shawn, his wife and two sons live in the Seattle area. As a former college athlete, Shawn enjoys watching lacrosse, football and hockey.

Nick Beim is a partner at Venrock, the venture capital firm created by the Rockefeller family that helped pioneer the venture capital industry. He focuses primarily on artificial intelligence, software, financial technology and defense. He serves on the boards of directors of Dataminr, an AI platform that identifies critical breaking information from publicly available data; Interos, an AI-driven platform for 3rd party risk; Rebellion Defense, which develops AI-driven products that serve the mission of national defense;, an advanced computer vision analytics platform; and Altruist, a digital investment platform for financial advisors.