Disruptive Leadership and Changing People’s Minds with Nate Blecharczyk and Samaira Mehta

Disrupting an industry takes more than just new ideas and a desire to shake things up. It takes vision, passion, and relentless innovation. And sometimes it means more than just changing the business landscape; it means changing people’s minds. How can leaders harness disruption to build a business that creates change? How can they convince customers to come along for the ride?

In this episode, host Gautam Mukunda speaks with Airbnb Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Nate Blecharczyk and Founder and CEO of CoderBunnyz, Samaira Mehta about the challenges associated with changing people’s perceptions to create industry-defining disruption.

“It’s important to use those mistakes and those failures as building blocks and reapply them to create a path that will lead you to success.” — Samaira Mehta

“If you’re persistent enough to keep trying, then all that learning will pay dividends in the long run.” — Nate Blecharczyk

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