Creating Culture in a Hybrid Workplace with Ben Michaelis and Kevin Delaney

Research shows that strong comradery and collaboration among coworkers is essential
for building successful organizations. And in today’s world of hybrid work, it’s perhaps
more important than ever. It’s up to leaders to create a culture that prioritizes these
positive co-working relationships and fosters employee engagement.
In this episode, host Gautam Mukunda speaks with Ben Michealis, Co-founder and CEO
of the, and Kevin Delaney, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Charter, about how
leaders can build successful teams in this new world of work. The duo discusses the
importance of bringing humanity to work, while maintaining boundaries between work
and personal life.
“The quiet quitting and Great Resignation are diagnostics on businesses.” — Kevin
Delaney, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief of Charter
“So much of the problem is we get into these sorts of momentary, transactional
relationships where it's just about what is the transaction, as opposed to the larger
picture, which is the broad relationship of how do we, how are we relating to one
another long term?” – Ben Michaelis, Co-Founder and CEO of

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